What is Got Your Back?

–> Artists talking to each other – on a social media platform, in a living room, in our regions and across the country. 

–> A way for us to connect for advice, for inspiration, for advocacy. 

–> Giving artists strength to stand up for themselves and for each other .

–> Artists upholding standards; in our workplaces and in our training institutions.

–> Artists coming together for change. 

Got Your Back began in the safety and privacy of a living room. It was originally an initiative from Martha Burns and Thalia Gonzalez Kane to create a community of people from the entertainment industry with different levels of professional experience and of different ages to come together in person to support and learn from each other and forge relationships. 

Got Your Back connected younger artists with senior artists when advice was needed quickly. It has given a lot of people a chance to be heard in a safe place, when our association and the media were not desirable options.

A core group of us formed and has continued to change and grow. The core is a flexible group that leads different initiatives at particular times. We recognize the contributions of these amazing activists as well as the many who have worked on specific projects. These folks include: Maev Beaty, Mikaela Davies, Chantal Forde, Briony Glassco, Cynthia Jimenez Hicks, Chala Hunter, Marcia Johnson, Ruby Joy, Kristina Nicoll, Dasha Peregoudova, Kimwun Perehinec, Sarah Robbins, Jennifer Wigmore.

We are dedicated to making lasting change and finding ways to connect, support and engage our community. As we figure this all out we gratefully welcome your feedback, patience and collaboration. We know that we will have more trying times ahead, that we will have to band together, rally around each other and muddle our way through this new landscape. We hope that Got Your Back can morph into whatever it needs to be for all of us.

Let’s keep making safe places. Getting together is a creative act.

Please note that we are making changes constantly to this site to reflect growing participation. Got Your Back is committed to making space for more and more voices.

We have Got Your Back.