Student Resources: Policies for Training Institutions


Algonquin College: Policies & Student Conduct

Brock University: Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy

Canadore College: Sexual Assault & Violence Policy Manual , Corporate Policy Manual, Respectful College Community Policy

Fanshawe College: Sexual Assault & Violence Policy, Student Code of Conduct, Respectful College Community and Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination

George Brown Theatre School: Sexual Assault & Violence, Policy and Support

Humber College: Sexual Assault & Violence Policy, Code of Student Conduct

Laurentian College: Respectful Workplace & Learning Environment, Prevention to Response and Sexual Violence

McMaster University: Violence in the Workplace Policy, Discrimination & Harassment Policy, Hearing Procedures for the Board-Senate Hearing Panel for Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Violence

Queens University: Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Website

Randolph College for the Performing Arts: Harassment Policy

Ryerson University: Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy, Sexual Violence Policy

Seneca College: Discrimination & Harassment Policy

Sheridan College: Sexual Violence Policy, Respectful & Safe Communities Resource Page

St. Clair College: Sexual Assault & Violence Policy & Protocol, Respectful Work and Educational Place Policy

St. Lawrence College: Workplace Harassment, Discrimination & Bullying Policy, Sexual Violence Policy

University of Ottawa: Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy, Complaints of Harassment/Discrimination initiated by Students, Complaints of Harassment/Discrimination initiated by Employees

University of Toronto: Policy with Respect to Workplace Harassment, Policy of Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

University of Waterloo: Workplace Harassment Policy, Procedures for Resolving Complaints of Ethical Misconduct Against University Employees, Sexual Violence Response Protocol and Procedures

University of Windsor: Sexual Assault & Misconduct Policy, Workplace Violence & Harassment Policies

York University: Policy of Workplace Harassment Prevention, Policy on Racism, Policy on Sexual Violence



Bishops University: Sexual Harassment Policy, Policy of the Prevention of Harassment

National Theatre School: Update on Actions Taken to Dismantle Systemic Racism at NTS, Policy to Prevent and Fight Sexual Violence



Acadia University: Policy Against Harassment & Discrimination, Sexual Violence Policy & Procedures

Dalhousie University: Personal Harassment Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy

Mount Allison University: Racism and Racial Harassment Prevention & Response Procedure, Policy on Workplace Harassment, Sexual Violence Prevention & Response

Saint Thomas University: Policy on Harassment and Discrimination, Policy of Sexual Violence

University of New Brunswick: Discrimination, Sexual Harassment & Harassment Policy



Red Deer College: Sexual Violence Policy Handbook

University of Alberta: Discrimination, Harassment & Duty to Accommodate Policy, Sexual Violence Policy

University of Calgary: Harassment Policy, Sexual Violence Policy

University of Lethbridge: Harassment & Discrimination Policy, Sexual Violence Policy



Canadian College for the Performing Arts: Sexual Harassment Policy, Nudity Policy, Respectful Treatment Policy

Capilano University: Discrimination, Bullying & Harassment Policy, Sexual Violence & Misconduct Policy

Studio 58 (Langara College): Sexual Violence & Misconduct Policy, Harassment & Bullying Policy

University of British Columbia: Bullying & Harassment Resource Page, Sexual Assault Policy & Resources